Grasshopper $5000+ Sample Plans

Sample Plans and Costs

Patio Plans are examples only.

Your actual project plan will be estimated individually and may vary depending on material selection, site conditions, slope, steps needed, and other factors)

Ballpark Price Guide Reference:

• Installed Patios, figure approximately $17-20/sq.ft.

• 18" Tall Sitting Walls with caps, figure approximately $85-$100/linear foot

• Steps, Lighting, Landings Vary in Price

Let us design and build your perfect outdoor space.

    Plans are Expandable

    We use EP Henry Pavers

    We are Licensed and Insured

    We are an ICPI Certified Installers

Plan D contains about 300 square feet of patio space with rounded corners.

Plan E contains about 210 square feet of patio space and includes a 12' sitting wall with lights

Plan F contains about 280 square feet of patio space with a rounded corners and includes a bed containing a small ornamental tree and 3 shrubs.


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