Grasshopper Garden and Patio

Grasshopper Garden and Patio


What does it cost?

We can create plans for most any size budget

Whatever size space or budget you have, we can usually get you off the grass, out of the mud, and onto that functional patio at a cost affordable to you.

The average costs below are only meant to give you a basic idea of what to expect. For a precise quote we will need to evaluate your property for access, slope or grade, drainage and your particular aesthetic and functional preferences.

HOA, Drawings, Permits

Once we have your project planned and scheduled we will prepare your HOA documents if needed  including drawings, installation  plans, material specifications, and obtain any required permits.  Most patio projects don't need a county permit.

We will provide the documents in PDF format. You will only need to fill out your HOA application and then submit everything to your HOA if required.